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Brent Coon & Associates, LLC is a labor-side law firm that only represents hard working men and women, never represent insurance companies or DEFEND companies charged with wrongdoing.

A number of BCA’s attorneys paid their way through law school working at refineries, construction sites and manufacturing plants. Brent Coon paid for his college education working in construction and driving heavy equipment. Since he founded Brent Coon & Associates in 2001, his team of attorneys has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of industrial accidents. In 2006, Brent Coon negotiated a precedent setting settlement from BP for a woman whose parents died in the Texas City BP refinery explosion.

BCA has established a national reputation as a leading union advocate. BCA currently represents the United Steel Workers District 13 and the Helicopter Pilots Union. Heading BCA’s union efforts is Larry Sartin. Mr. Sartin was a National Director for the Oil Chemical Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW), and retained that position when OCAW merged with the United Paper Workers International union and became the Paper Allied Chemical and Energy International union (PACE). Mr. Sartin designed and served as National Director for the PACE occupational disease program.

He designed PACE’s emergency response team; which investigated any explosion, accident or death at a PACE union plant, and assisted workers with finding qualified legal help. As the BCA’s National Director for Labor Relations, Mr. Sartin has created a similar emergency response team of former labor officials and attorneys.

Mr. Sartin has built an amazing team of highly respected former labor officials to assist with his work for BCA. Steve Freeman is a former Regional Director for OCAW and the assistant PACE’s International President. Jimmy Roan is a former international representative for both OCAW and Pace, and works closely with the AFL-CIO in Louisiana. Terry Cofelt is a former official with the United Transportation Union. Gale Van Hoy is the past Texas President of the Building Trades Union, and one of the most respected union officials in the United States. Further, BCA has retained a list of experts familiar with Federal safety guidelines and OSHA.

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